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  • IGBT самбар 17FM796 797

    Бид солихын тулд зах зээлийн IGBT угсралтыг бүрэн шинэчилсэн, талбар солих эсвэл бүрэн солих. Эдгээр нэгж нь одоо байгаа системийг солихын тулд төгс ажиллаж байна.

    Өөрт байгаа GE загварын дугаарыг бидэнд хэлээрэй, Бид үргэлж солилцооны шийдэлтэй байдаг.


    Эерэг IGBT угсралт

    GE1255 58E-43-00170 58E-43-00171

    Сөрөг IGBT угсралт

    GE1256 58E-43-00180 58E-43-00181

    Өгөгдөл: 12502500 В-ын тэжээлийн модуль,

    Самбарын жин 25 кг/EA орчим

    Жийргэвчтэй нэгж бүр 58B-43-00410


    58И-43-00840 ЭЕРЭГ

    58E-43-00850 СӨРӨГ

    58И-43-00860 ЧИГЛЭГЧ

    15003300 В өндөр чадлын модуль

    • Тодорхойлолт

    Controland has present the complete new assembly in mining market over 6 жил,

    With our specific engineering design drive board, we can provide dedicate solution for your repair or overhaul application. with new IGBT power module and configured drive board. Our complete new assembly working well either single pair replacement or the whole truck replacement.

    Customer need to knows the fact Hitachi MBN1200E25C has End of supply since in Mar, 2021, all those module apprears in market labled with 41A296305ECP1 or Hitachi MBN1200E25C without original packing are the recycle module which taken off from previous customer(locomotive or truck) who is doing the overhual replacement due to the system stability drop down. We have seen may people sold in website those junck module and drive board(copyed IR P6) with no certified test and none proper PCB anti-noise protection. If you have bad experience of that, бидэнтэй холбоо барина уу, we will explain you why that is not applicable.

    First you need know, Same as the other power semiconductor product(like cellphone and computer), the IGBT module has life cycle. In regular with 10-12 year application, the fault rate are obiously raised, for a AC truck customer who has brought from 2008-2010, it is time that mass failure rated with those truck. In one time overhaul(28 pcs) with new assembly(be sure the module inside is new, not refurbished one) is key to extended truck live for another 10 жил.

    China Customer has give task to us as a challange for cost saving. Till today, we have achieved over 400 pcs IGBT assembly installed on truck, start with Hitachi original module and transfer to China Rail module plus our modified drive board to fit.

    It is a great solution to reduce the overhaul cost and quick delivery keep the fleet free of down time. We have been start oversea sales of those IGBT’s since 2 years ago. Looking for partnership to provide sales and service support to local customer.

    We also developing the new assembly for replace the latest black wabtechigh powerIGBT 17FM861 862, will coming soon.

    Our next Challange is to provide complete overhauled cabinet as exchange servicekeep monite our news. coming soon..

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