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  • 17FM689A2 GE0858 58E-43-00220 A.F.S.E

    A.F.S.E Alternator Field Exciter

    Since this unit is popular to customer, Now we provide whole new assembly of A.F.S.E. and M.F.S.E.  and productivity are expanded to acceptance batch order for overhaul customer requirement.

    Great improvement on backplate embeded thread to hold tight for truck application.

    58E-43-00220 17FM689A2

    With repair parts avaliable

    VS7373 58B-43-00620 Gate fire module

    VE0687 Battery Boost Card

    XA5817 Pulse Transformer Module

    VS6820 Indicator board

    VS6823 Resistor 50W 10R

    VS6824 58B-43-00510 Resistor 100W 10R

    VE3847 Condenser

    VE0036 Diode with clamp

    GE1211/GE1212/GE1213/GE1214 Rectifier with clamp

    • Description

    A.F.S.E Alternator Field Exciter

    58E-43-00220 17FM689A2

    With repair parts avaliable

    VS7373 58B-43-00620 41A279579G1Gate fire module

    VE0687 41A279579G1 41A278503G2 Battery Boost Card

    XA5817 41A325097G3 Pulse Transformer Module

    VS6820 41A278503G1 Indicator board

    VS6823 Resistor 41A281404P2 50W 10R

    VS6824 58B-43-00510 41A281691P7 Resistor 100W 10R

    VE3847 41B596011P2 Condenser

    VE0036 41A281725P1 Diode with clamp

    GE1211/GE1212/GE1213/GE1214 41A281726P1 Rectifier with clamp

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