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  • 17FL384 Invertex ICP cards

    Check with us for latest news of Invertex card development.

    We also collected surplus and used GE cards for trade.

    For all the aftermarket new cards we made, warranty 12 months,

    For the used GE cards ,clean and tested, warranty 6 months.

    • Description

    We have been develop ICP cards since DC truck, now move at AC 17FL384 Invertex I,

    Here’s the status of the acheivement.

    41A325938G2, GE1483, Invertex I backplane, Done, Instock,

    17FB104B1, GE0309, Digital I/O card, Done, Instock

    17FB160C1, XA4228, TMC analog I/O card, Done, Instock

    84C603188G1, GE1486, FOC assembly left, Done, Instock

    84C603188G2, GE1487, FOC assembly right, Done, Instock

    41A325926G2, Fiber Optic Card only, Done, Instock

    41A331123G3, 58E-43-10150, Invertex II backplane, Done, Instock

    17FB174A4, XA4403, GE1484, 58B-43-00470, CPU Cards, Used GE cards avaliable, clean and tested. Instock

    17FB173A4, XA4404, ANALOG CARDS, Used GE cards avaliable, clean and tested. Instock

    17FB179B2, XA4229, GE1799, GE1502, Used GE cards avaliable, clean and tested, Instock

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