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Eaton Cutler Hammer distributor and Open pit mining Haul truck and shovel aftermarket parts manufacture.

We, Shanghai Controland Engineering Company. (CL) founded in 2004 as Eaton Cutler Hammer Ch

ina Distributor. Till now we Still are Eaton Cutler Hammer Reseller In China.


Have been proud to participate in many of Heavy Equipment localization work.  Such as underground mining machine, tunnel boring machine, oil rig and port machine,chiller compressor.  with years development,we transfer our target to focused on open pit mining equipment since 2009.

China imported about 700 trucks with GE system, and 50 shovels (40 P&H, 10 BE), since year 1990, and most of them are engaged between 2005-2012, after that, China begin to have local manufacture made the truck with same GE system. Our engineering team started with P&H shovel key element aftermarket, soon we devoted more efforts and focused on Dump truck GE drive system, as market demanded.

With a decade of consistent innovation and parts development, we are targeting to provide a full list of excellent high quality aftermarket parts for Haul Truck control system (especially Statex III DC drive and the Invertex I and II AC drive). You can find the system in Komatsu 730E, 830EDC, 830E-1AC, 930E4, 930E4-SE. Terex MT3700AC, MT4400AC, Hitachi 190, Belaz 75310, China NTL NTE240AC, XCME SF33900, XDE 240, MCC 400 etc. 

With support by top ranked OEM companies, we be able to produce the high quality alternative replacement parts without compromising.


Indeed, it is pure strong made-in-China. By making those product, we offer the market a stable stock supply and cost-saving advantage. for more photo of product development, check our photo galary.

Controland has built full facility to test those parts to fit the OEM specification. Especially the mining harsh enviroment.

With more and more deep cooperate and joint effort with China OEM manufacture. Controland has became part of the core to gathering more and more Chinese componenet manufacture support to joint effort on those Mining parts localization. Include but not limited such as Metal film capacitor, Laminate bus bar, Silver tip contact etc.

In the past few years, we open to oversea market as more and more reseller joint. Up to date, we have acheive sales to Mongolia, Chile, Canada, USA, Russia, India, Australia, and Peru.

By customer demond, we plan to work with complete cabinet overhaul exchange service. We are working that now, will open to market soon. what ever it is a full cabinet or an empty cabinet, we always able to fill it up.

We are expanding our product list every year, investing in new development. We welcome any discussions on developing products for customers, possibilities of cooperation on overhauling overseas.




This Copper mine has been developing for over 35 years, from an altitude of 300m to -300m. Controland components are running as the heart and brain.


Since those years effort, controland has award the A plus supplier by Jiangxi Copper Since 2019. Certified product and maintenance supplier.  With great copperation with mine for parts and overhaul supply for shovel and truck.


We have expended our supply to all China Major open pit mine like China Energy, China Coal, Huaneng Energy etc.