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Since 2009, our focus is provide alternative solution of GE truck control group parts. with decade effort and liansion with many OEM factory. we being successful provide series components for replacement within the control cabinet that fit the China mine over 700 truck demond. Now we extend our bussiness international,to provide customer alternative solution with low cost, fast delivery and OEM high quanlity.


We being development some key element for shovel 2300XP, 2300XPC, 2800XPB, 4100XPC, compenents are cover the RPC cabinet, auxilary cabinet, Main Rectifier Cabinet, HV Cabinet, Switch cabinet, and Filter cabinet. With key element shows blow include but not limited, RPC Switch, Main Reactor, Filter Capacitor, Fuse, SCR assembly, Divert control box and cards, DC contactor, Switch contactor assembly, Blower starter assembly, Vaccum contactor,Blower assembly,Driver Commond controller.

Underground Mining

Eaton meets the harsh and demanding environments of the mining and minerals processing industry with reliable products and solutions designed to operate in these challenging applications. Our unique approach to managing the power system as a strategic, integrated asset provides enhanced safety for workers and a power system that is more reliable, efficient and safe.

Chiller and Compressor

Westinghouse used to own the HVAC business, sold in 1982 as part of Mcquay. And Westinghouse developed the DP contactor/starter mainly for HVAC industry in 1970's. and all the main competitor start to copy that. Since Eaton Cutler Hammer own the Westinghouse LV. Eaton has suppling the HVAC control panels for decades to main HVAC manufacturers like Trane, York, Carrier, and Mcquay.

Other machinery

There are some key parts are involved in certain industry we would like to make it reamarkable.