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  • 41A296302CDP6 XA4876

    OEM, new, in stock.

    41A296302CDP6 17FL1007TK XA4876 GE1296

    Filter capacitor, 1800VDC, 2250UF,

    Crate Packing 35Kg/Ea,

    Brand New, aftermarket OEM alternative solution.

    Our Regular packing is 5 pcs one crate. Rolling stock.

    Keeping in mind this is oil filled capacitor, sea freight only.

    • Description

    Complete aftermarket solution of AC TRUCK OHV DC link filter capacitor.

    100% same size and fuction. Stainless steel case plus extra painted protection.

    Complete range for 830E-1AC, 930E1/E2/E3/E4, 930E4-SE, 980E4, 980E5,

    17L1007TK 41A296302CDP6, XA4876

    17L1011TH 41A296302CDP2, GE1296

    17L672TJ 41A296302BW-2, GE0566

    17L1001TJ 41A296302CD-1, GE0169

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